Welcome to WeFold, a large-scale online coopetition project devoted to advancing the protein folding problem.WeFold is a byproduct of CASP. CASP (Critical Assessment of techniques for protein Structure Prediction) is a community-wide, worldwide experiment for protein structure prediction that takes place every other year and challenges computational scientists to predict the 3D structure of newly, or soon to be determined, but yet unpublished proteins given their primary sequence of amino acids.This site is a science community gateway designed to bring together labs and individuals for online discussion, sharing, and collaboration during CASP12. We invite young and more seasoned scientists as well as citizen scientists in general to participate in this collaborative project.This year the WeFold project is structured into 2 main forums with different levels of access:

CASP Experiment Forum. This forum is for those interested in participating in or directly contributing to the CASP12 experiment. It enables the interaction among groups that contribute different components of the protein structure prediction pipeline. The goal is to leverage expertise at a scale that would be hard to achieve otherwise. See the list of participants here.

Machine Learning Forum. This forum is for machine learning experts to discuss the protein scoring problem. The goal is to engage the ML community to help the protein structure prediction community to solve the difficult problem of selecting the best computationally generated protein models out of the hundreds of thousands or even millions that the protein structure prediction methods can generate per protein.

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