WeFold Database License Agreement

 WeFold Database License Agreement

The data contained in this file, henceforth called WeFold Database (WFD), has been generated by researchers and citizen scientists contributing to the WeFold (WF) project and made available through the WF web site ( http://www.wefold.org) for your internal, non-profit research use.

Labs and projects contributing to this WFD include:

Foldit (http://fold.it), University of Washington

Floudas Lab (http://titan.princeton.edu/), Princeton University

Levitt Lab (http://csb.stanford.edu/kobamin/) Stanford University

Cheng Lab (http://sysbio.rnet.missouri.edu/apollo/) University of Missouri

The data was developed through support of a variety of funding sources including the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Institute of Health, and the National Science Foundation.

WF and its contributing community allow researchers at your institution to use this WFD on the following conditions:

  1. The database remains at your institution and is not published, distributed, or otherwise transferred or made available to other than institution employees and students involved in research under your supervision.
  2. You agree to make results generated using the WFD available to the WF community.
  3. You agree to acknowledge the use of the WFD in your research, and cite the following reference in your publications:

Khoury, G., Liwo, A., Khatib, F., Zhou, H., Chopra, G., Bacardit, J., Bortot, L., Faccioli, R., Deng, X., He, Y., Krupa, P., Li, J., Mozolewska, M., Sieradzan, A., Smadbeck J., Wirecki, T., Cooper S., Flatten J., Xu, K., Baker, D., Cheng, J., Delbem, A., Floudas, C., Keasar, C., Levitt, M., Popovic, Z., Scheraga, H., Skolnick, J., Crivelli, S. & Foldit Players, (2014). WeFold: A Coopetition for Protein Structure Prediction. Proteins, DOI 10.1002/prot.24538.