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Working on WeFold

My students are supporting the Argentine team. It's mandatory! 😉

Not only is WeFold a large-scale online coopetition project devoted to advancing the protein folding problem, but a project that enables students, professors, and scientists from various fields to collaborate.

Student Experiences

This summer, students and professors were able to work on WeFold. Click on an image to read more about a student's or professor's experience while working on WeFold and what they learned about protein folding!

Rachel Davis
"WeFold is an incredible collaboration in which everyone is so nice and willing to help out"
Jennifer Ogden
"Being able to work on the WeFold project is definitely one of my biggest accomplishments thus far."
Ricardo Ferreira
"I’ve gained knowledge in a field that I was completely blind to, and that is something no one can take away from you."
Satinder Singh
"All in all, an unforgettable opportunity."
Chris Cook
"Working with CASP11 and the Wefold community has been an amazing experience, and I have learned quite a bit."
Rehan Raiyyani
"This opportunity in the SULI program has broadened my knowledge in multiple scientific backgrounds and provided me with the research experience to prepare for pursuing graduate level studies in the future."
Anthony Lopez
"I have learned so much, especially since I started practically with a clean slate on day one."
Professor Jesse Fox
"Now, I can do some programming, and thank God for the opportunity to work with such a phenomenal group of people, diverse and cooperative."
Professor John Hatherill
"The participation in WeFold- the competition for protein structure prediction has been an exciting and rewarding experience."