The WeFold project is structured into 4 main forums: 1) CASP Experiment (similar to WeFold1), 2) Open CASP (open discussion), 3) Machine Learning (development of scoring functions), and 4) Educational (for students interested in learning about protein folding as well as for mentors). Forums 1 and 3 require registration.

*Note: Any inappropriate behavior on the WeFold forums is prohibited. See the WeFold Forums Policy for more details.

CASP Coopetition Forum

Forums specific to each target/group. Enter this discussion forum to participate in the current CASP experiment. You will need to be a CASP WeFold participant in order to view these forums.

Open CASP Forum

Have any ideas to contribute to the CASP experiment?

Machine Learning Forum

Forum for the machine learning group. You will need to be a Machine Learning User in order to view this forum.

Educational Forum

Students and interested individuals from the WeFold and CASP community can discuss this year's WeFold CASP competition here.